Facts About Energy Cooperative of Ohio

1. Why should I choose Energy Cooperative of Ohio?
You will receive lower costs and reliable customer service. When you select ECO, our variable price will provide you with our lowest price available at the time.

2. Who will bill me for the gas I use?
You will continue to receive just one bill from your utility – with delivery charges and energy costs listed as separate line items.

3. Is there a cancellation fee?
We do not charge a cancellation fee. All that we ask is that you gives us a 30 day notice.

4. How long is my contract term?
Because our rates are variable we only offer month to month agreements. That means that unless you cancel or are removed by the utility you will be a member of the Energy Cooperative of Ohio indefinitely.

5. What happens if I move?
If you are a Columbia Gas of Ohio choice customer you will need to call us with your new account number so that you can be re-enrolled into our program.

If you are a Dominion East Ohio (DEO) choice customer and you stay within the DEO territory the utility will automatically transfer you service from us to your new address.

6. Once I enroll with Energy Cooperative of Ohio, how long does it take for service to change over?
It can take up to 2 billing cycles for the change to take place. It is based on your utilities billing cycles.

7. How will I know that I am a member?
Once your account is submitted to the utility you will receive notification postcard from the utility telling you when the change is expected to take place.