1. Who is the Energy Cooperative of Ohio?
The Energy Cooperative of Ohio (ECO) is a not-for-profit organization that is owned and controlled by its member-owners. By being a part of a large purchasing group it enables ECO to keep costs low, as well as give any profits that are generated directly back to ECO’s member-owners through our pricing mechanism.

2. How Do ECO Members Own This Company?
ECO does not have shareholders looking for a return on a lucrative investment. Instead, each member has equal ownership and an equal voice in how ECO’s business is conducted.

3. Why would I choose an Energy Supplier, like ECO, instead of staying with my Utility?
By purchasing the energy you need from a competing supplier, you have the ability buy at a lower rate. The combined cost of buying your energy from an alternative vendor and paying the utility to transport the energy to your account can be substantially less than buying the energy directly from your utility at “retail rates.”

4. How is ECO’s Service Different from The Service Provided by Other Energy Suppliers?
Our competitors buy energy at the lowest price they can obtain and resell the energy at the highest price the market will bear. They have a different motivation than ECO does, which is to return any profits back to its members.

5. How Will I be billed?
You will either be billed by your utility or by both the utility and ECO. Based upon your usage, we will let you know which billing program you qualify for during the enrollment process.

6. Does ECO charge me any fees?
ECO does not charge application or membership fees for receiving natural gas services as a cooperative member. If you are switching from another supplier you may incurr a switching fee from your previous supplier. There are no cancellation fees charged to you by ECO.