Products & Services

Our Products and Services

Energy Cooperative of Ohio, through our partners, offers a variety of products. From green tags to tax consulting we feel, along with our natural gas offerings, that we can help you with your energy needs or at least recommend someone who can. Here is a summary of the natural gas services we offer:

1. Physical supply of natural gas – Natural gas accounts in Ohio can be included in an existing aggregation group or if large enough, can become a direct customer of their utilities. Accounts located in utility territories in other areas of the United States are competitively bid to approved energy suppliers in those areas. The goals of the physical supply program are to improve upon the buying strategies of the utility and maximize savings off of their avoided retail rates.

2. Reporting – Account reporting, including all components of our service, will be provided monthly, on request. Typical reports include Cost Allocation, Energy Usage, Budget Variance and Savings Reports. The goals of the reporting service are to provide the client with access to their raw utility data, access to standardized reports and allow for interactive generation of custom reports.

For more information on specific products and our partners please view our partners page.