Be Part Of A Winning Team For Energy Savings

Managing your household expenses is a full-time job in itself. With prices rising on everything from food to clothing to your monthly utility bills, we all are looking for any opportunity to keep costs under control. Purchasing natural gas through the Energy Cooperative of Ohio is one way to do just that, through your choice of variable or flat rate plans.

Become a member today. The benefits are clear and long lasting. Most residential accounts can enroll for membership with a simple copy of their last gas bill. Click here to learn more.

When you join ECO, you join thousands of other households who recognize the benefits a Co-op can offer. Through our membership we have significant buying power, and that helps us keep prices lower than other natural gas suppliers.

Another benefit of membership is that you are regularly updated on your natural gas rate and any other significant news from ECO. We provide regular updates on this site, and in the fall we will begin sending a quarterly newsletter to all members. As a member of ECO, you are part of a smart energy choice team. We want you to know how we are working for your benefit, and we value your ideas and input.